Wednesday 10 June 2015

Art in the English Class 2014-2015: Our videos & final reflection

This year's Art in the English Class project has come to an end. We made two short videos. Each class decided which topic they wanted to deal with. Class 1 wanted to work on friendship while Class 2 on urbanization. 

Urbanization: We brainstormed around the question "What do you think someone living in a big city may be thinking? How do you think he may be feeling?" Think of your personal experience, your family's and friends'. 

Friendship: First, we brainstormed around the question "What statements or questions do you have to make about friendship?" Think of what is important to you. Then, we grouped statements and questions in 3 sections: Help, Support, Trust. 

We finally made the videos with the valuable assistance of  Chris Theocharopoulos, Drama teacher.

In our last meeting we had our final reflection on the project. 
"What was important for each one of you during this project? What will you remember? Think and share. 

It was great working with you all. Thank you! All the best in High School!


At the end of this topic on urbanization there was a final thinking routine: 

Think about what we've learnt, discussed, watched about urbanization:

How are the ideas connected to what you already knew?
What new ideas did you get that extended your thinking in new directions?
What challenges or puzzles have come up in your mind about urbanization now?

We really had a lot of ideas to share: 

Monday 8 June 2015