Monday, 9 December 2013


This blog is part of a school project carried out by 6th grade students in the 1st Primary School of Chaidari. We work using different forms of art (painting, photography, poetry, short films) and Project Zero's Visible Thinking routines to develop our thinking skills and creativity alongside our English language skills.

Chrysa Papalazarou, EFL teacher

Special thanks to Chris Theocharopoulos, Theatrical Education teacher, for his ideas, collaboration and help with the short improvisations. 


JennyP. said...

That's right!And it's wonderful , because , we try to work with different kinds of art( just like you said : poetry,painting,photography,short films )!And it's not only this , we try to get better our English speaking , too!!!And 3rd , we have fun with drawing e.t.c. , together with our classmates , help each other and get better with our friendships!!!
That is what I would like to say!!!!!!!!

Chrysa said...

You said it very very nicely Jenny, and don't forget you're improving your writing skills too, with the learning journals you write after each project meeting!

I'm really happy you like it!

JennyP. said...

I "HOPE" this blog is going to be , with more projects , works of art,texts e.t.c. But if we (really) want our blog get better , and better , and better again... we all have to try more ang give our most perfect self!!!

Chrysa said...

Ha Ha! Jenny you keep me really busy tonight but I enjoy it. It's a good thing you start thinking of the blog as part of the project and write comments often.

You don't have to give your "perfect" self, just give your true self and everything will work out just fine. Each and every one of you is perfect and unique in his or her own way.

panagiotis E. said...

It can be more beautiful if it had and a photo of US:)

Billy M. said...


panagiotis e. said...

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i love i
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Billy M. said...

I love projects I love english I love mrs Chrisa

Areti Gavalaki said...

Congratulations to Chrysa Papalazarou and her students for their work on such important topics. Keep it up!
Areti Gavalaki
(a retired EFL teacher)

Chrysa said...

Thank you very much for your kind comment and support. We feel happy you like our work :)