Thursday, 12 June 2014

Art in the English Class 2013-2014

The Art in the English Class Project has come to an end. It was a beautiful, rich learning experience for all of us who took part in it. The memories of the moments we lived, feelings, thoughts and ideas we shared during this project will stay with us for quite some time ahead. 

Some photos and thoughts from our last days. 



Nick P. said...

Hello Mrs Chrysa I am sad that this project finished but that was a great experience for us and I believe that all the children will remember this Project for many years

Harris F. ★ said...

It's amazing!!!Now the project ended, and I can not believe the work we've done in this year .

I will never forget this project and ,of course you ! .


Konstantina B. said...

I think this project also brought us closer as classmates and as friends in our last year in primary school! Everything is great. Have a good summer, everyone!

Chrysa said...

Nick & Harris, it was a great experience for me to remember, too. Thank you all so much for this.

Konstantina, what you say is important. School has to do with building relationships and trust. We learn better this way, I think. Have a nice summer :)

Fenia I. said...

we are perfect.

Fenia I. said...

How are you Mrs Chrysa?

Chrysa said...

Fine Fenia, I hope you are having a good time in high school. Thanks for dropping by. It's nice to see you are still visiting the blog. Hope you are learning and doing a lot of new things :)