Wednesday, 29 April 2015

If these paintings didn't have trees...Deforestation

Then we had to think on this:

If these paintings didn't have trees, they would...

So, we had a look at the same paintings, this time without trees. 

We talked about Iain Woodhouse from Edinburgh University who maps forests with satellites. 

We wondered why he did that.





Sylia,Natalia,Billy,Maria X, Vasiliki said...

So,I think that these photos should be better without photoshop because the landscape it's very empty and sad. The landscape should always be colourful,full of flowers and trees and to give happiness to a person :)

Natalia,Sylia,Vasiliki,Maria X,Billy

Chrysa V. said...

We have to take care of the animals, plants, forests, sea and the atmosphere. If we destroy them there is no life on our planet.

Chrysa said...

Well said all of you! It's important you believe so.