Sunday, 3 May 2015


We did a thinking routine. We had to step inside Shel Silverstein's story of The Giving Tree and imagine we are the tree or the boy. From this perspective we had to think on these questions:

What might you perceive?
What might you believe?
What might you care about?

One class worked in groups. The groups on the top chose to imagine they are the tree. The ones at the bottom imagined they are the boy.

The other class worked in pairs. The ones on the left imagined they are the tree. The ones on the right, the boy. 


Aphrodite P. said...

Great job guys.I think that we worked hard on this topic. We enjoyed it and we had the chance to learn many things about deforestation.And warn people, too!

Panos Z. said...

This project is very interesting and i think if we upload more, our web page will be better.

Chrysa said...

It's true we've learnt many things, Aphrodite. Panos, we'll keep uploading until the end of the school year!