Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Friendship: 3-2-1 BRIDGE Final response

On finishing this topic about friendship we revisited the 3-2-1 Bridge thinking routine. We tried to think of 3 words, 2 questions and 1 simile about friendship.

This is our final response to the routine.

Group 1

Group 1

This was our initial response.

Group 1

This is what Group 2 came up with.

Group 2

And this was the Initial response.

It's really interesting how after reading, watching and discussing, new thoughts and ideas about friendship came to the fore. Friendship is indeed about brotherhood, love, support, fun, happiness. But we found out on the way that it is also about rejecting, abandoning, judging, betraying, excluding for various reasons. These may have to do with many issues, but some of the ones you think are important have to do with: appearance, disability, coming from another country, being a very good or a bad student. 

Why don't you want me?
Because I'm ugly, too short, fat
or from another country?
Do you reject me?

It is also really interesting that many of you when we repeated the routine believe that empathy is important when we think and talk about friendship. 




Stratos P. said...

Good job! We are getting better and better. Let's keep on working this way.

Chrysa said...

Happy you are so excited about it Stratos. Yes, we've done well so far :)

Stratos P. said...

Thanks you mrs Chrysa. I agree with you. We can also do better if we work harder.

Nicolas.P said...

Hi Mrs Chrysa. I see that you continued that project with another class. Their work is great. Also at high school I am having a wonderful time with my classmates!!!!!!!

Chrysa said...

Good to hear that you are having a good time in High School, Nicolas. Happy to see you are still visiting our blog :)