Sunday, 1 February 2015

Friendship: 3-2-1 BRIDGE Initial Response

We did the 3-2-1 Bridge Thinking routine. We had to write 3 words, 2 questions and 1 simile about friendship and share them. 

Group 1

Group 2



Zafi Mandali said...

I think that this activity Chrysa is simple, engaging, time conscious and on a topic that speaks volumes to the young. There is production and exchange of messages and a little welcome diversion from the standardised classroom routine. Well done.

Chrysa said...

Thank you Zafi for your insightful comment. Yes, your remarks are spot on. It is good to use this routine with topics that speak to the students and can thus activate prior knowledge. There will be a second phase (the Bridge element) at the end of the topic, so as to link this prior knowledge with new ideas and thoughts they might have developed.

Stergios O. said...

I loved the 3-2-1 Bridge routine. We had great ideas and it made us understand that friendship is eternal and that we must forgive and understand even those who are not our friends.

Chrysa said...

I also think you found it different and playful as an activity, Stergios. You responded with great interest and yes, your ideas were great :)