Monday 17 February 2014


Alexandra, Fenia, Kostis K. Stelios
Panos E., Panos B., Nick K., Cleopatra L., Cleopatra S., Poppy

Artemis, Georgina, Nick P., Vicky
Anastasia P., Christina, Daphne, Dimitra, Jenny, Valia, Stella
Aggeliki, Anastasia G., Chris, Polyxeni

Anastasia G., Jacob, Costas K.,Panayiota,Tassos
Harris, Ioanna, Konstantina, Vassiliki


Jenny P. said...

I mostly liked the short film CHROMOPHOBIA , because at the start there were many happy colours , people , buildings e.t.c. But then an army of soldiers came into the happy and colourful village.The soldiers' army took all the colours from the village. Finally the flower that a little girl watered grew up and became a jester.That jester made the village happy and colourful again!!!

Daphne P. said...

I think that Chromophobia symbolizes the fear of colours that many people have. I mean they're scared of the difference that colours have. The part of the project I mostly liked, was the one with the painting called Guernica.

Kostis K. said...

I like the project and the video about War and Peace.I like and the stories about the start the middle and the end.All the posts are fantastic!

Nick P. Kostas G. said...

Hello Mrs Chrysa,

We enjoyed the film "Chromophobia" and we believe that the other children did great job.

Harris.F said...

I love this project .I love it because I know that we made this project with teamwork , hard work and of course hapinness.I cant describe to you all of our feelings,for this project,in one comment!I want to finish this small letter with a few words ''IF ALL THE SCHOOLS ,ALL THE TEACHERS AND ALL THE STUDENTS DO A WORK LIKE THAT MAY BE WE'VE GOT HOPES FOR A BETTER FUTURE

Chrysa said...

Jenny P., I'm happy you liked "Chromophobia" so much. Daphne P., this is exactly the symbolism of the film: fear of colours-fear of difference. Kostis K., I'm happy you liked everything in this theme! Nick P. & Kostas G., it's a great thing you value everyone's work! Harris F., I'm really happy you find so many things in this project that inspire you!