Friday, 21 February 2014


Work in pairs or in groups. 
Decide what you wish to represent: war or peace.
Select a colour that you feel represents the ideas we discussed in the theme of war/peace. Explain why you chose it.
Select a symbol. Explain why you chose it.
Choose an image. Explain why you chose it. 

Creative and insightful ideas!

Anastasia P., Cleopatra L., Cleopatra S., Poppy T.
Tassos, Jacob A., Stavrina V.

Christina T., Jenny P.
Bill M., Panayiotis B., Panayiotis E., Nick K.
Harris F., Konstantina B., Ioanna K., Fenia I.
Anastasia G., Chris Z., Polyxeni Ch.

Artemis, Georgina, Nick P.

Dimitra P., Valia P.

Kostis K., Stelios A., George P., Alexandra

Costas G., Konstantinos D. Maria K., Vasso K.


Christina T. ,Anastasia P. said...

very nice

Unknown said...

Very interesting

Chrysa said...

Thank you dear Elena Gomez Gimeno for your comment. We are very happy that other educators find our work interesting.

Zafi Mandali said...

The value of it all Chrysa is that apart from getting the Young to ponder about vital issues, you get them to Express their innermost thoughts and feelings and then the surprise to Top the overall effect is to expose each GROUP to what the other groups produced which is definitely unique and will enrich both the mind and the heart of those involved

Chrysa said...

Thank you very much for your comment dear Zafi Mandali, we try to experiment indeed on the levels you mention. Thinking, feeling, sharing, and reflecting are vital in the process. Educating the heart and the mind (paraphrasing Aristotle) is an ideal, a deep wish. I am also taught so many things on the way, getting wiser from this interaction with young minds and ideas that never stop surprising me.